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When you need to know something, how do you go about finding that information? If you want to try a new place to eat, where do you look? Looking for a certain service but don't know who to trust? In the past, people visited the library, or checked the yellow pages and made phone calls, or even asked friends and family. Now all that information, and more, is available with a couple of clicks on your phone. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the content on your social media and your website is up to date, helpful, and easily accessible.

In the early days of the internet, Googling your questions would get you one or two pages of information. In 2021, that number has risen into the thousands. Without the help of trained professionals, like the content creators and writers at GoEngine, your website can be buried in an overwhelming fog of information and other businesses. That hole can be hard to get out of, especially if you're not experienced in current-day SEO and marketing strategies.

Greenville SC has begun to boom as a rising city nationwide, which means hundreds of new businesses and thousands of potential customers or potential clients for your business. With so many new businesses, and even established businesses, fighting to survive, a highly competitive market has begun to emerge. Getting buried behind other businesses, especially the businesses of your competitors, can be an absolute nightmare, and it might seem like there is no way out. Greenville SEO services are the solution you've been looking for to help build your business.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the new "ad space". Using the top asked questions, keywords, and search results that relate to your small business or law firm specialization, and information learned by observing the websites and social media of your competitors, our company optimizes the content on your social media pages, website, and blogs to move your business or law firm organically to the first page of search engines.

Instead of paying for your company to be listed as an ad to the top of the Google search page, your website will come up organically. This more natural approach instills confidence in your potential client or customer base that your business is being promoted because it is the best, not because you paid the most.

Why Should You Use SEO?

If your website or social media isn’t getting the traffic from search engines that you need, there are plenty of reasons why,  and steps that can be taken to fix it. In the past, the answer was always to pay for ad space via Google or Yahoo, or any other number of search engines, so that your business showed up front and center whenever someone searched a topic relating to your business. But now in 2021, almost 70% of all website visits from Google go to the top 5 organically ranked sources on the first page.

That means the ad you're paying for on Google is only 30% effective. Internet users just don’t trust ad spaces the way they used to. The average person might avoid clicking on ad spaces when there is a highly rated option just below. What that means for companies that take out ads, and aren’t organically listed, is that you’re paying Google for a service that isn't creating a tangible increase in online success. That is a lot of money to be wasting to still not come in the first place.

Greenville SEO Services

Organic traffic is the goal. These are website visits and clicks from people that you didn’t get by paying for ad space, but that comes from your page being in the top ranked search results. Being top ranked gives viewers, clients, and customers the confidence that your business or law firm is not only knowledgable but also a trusted option that it suited for their individual needs.

SEO doesn’t just increase the number of clicks your websites get, it also increases the quality. Search Engine Optimization Services involve using detailed keywords and phrases that are most commonly searched and specifically relate to your business. Without optimization, a Law Firm that specializes in Traffic Law may end up getting clicks from people looking for a divorce attorney, because of a review listed on their site where the reviewer mentioned they’re divorced.

While these clicks might be organic, they’re not the quality of clicks you need. Making sure that all of the content on your business or firm website is relevant to your business or area of specialization increases the quality of your clicks, not just the quantity. Increasing quality means that the people who are actually searching for a business in your field arrive at your door, wallet in hand.

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Can Paid Advertising Help SEO?

With 99% of internet interactions happening on social media, the advertising and marketing world has adapted to marketing on Facebook feeds and Instagram captions. While paying for a top ad on Google has dropped inefficiency, the usefulness of social media advertisements has risen.

Using targeted marketing strategies, you can reach the screens of your desired target audience. PPC, or pay-per-click, advertising is a marketing device that only charges you when there are results. You pay per click, or website visit, by potential clients. This is a great option for growing your marketing strategy and your business, especially for small businesses or firms that are just starting. PPC can be used for Google or any range of social media platforms.

Why You Should Contact GoEngine For Your Greenville SEO Needs

Making a name for yourself isn't easy. With so many businesses fighting for their spot on the top, the common approach of do-it-yourself local SEO and marketing campaigns aren't cutting it anymore. "Going viral" isn't something that you can plan out, or count on, to promote your business. SEO Agencies have access to software that tracks search engine rankings and search engine traffic, and can develop marketing strategies that are customized to our SEO clients.

Not every SEO and marketing company, or SEO service, is created equal. While knowledge of keywords can increase website traffic, reaching your target market isn't as easy as just adding a few buzzwords to your homepage. Your online marketing strategy can make or break your business, and our team of SEO and marketing experts wants to help.

Located in the up-and-coming city of Greenville SC, GoEngine is a top-quality option for all of your digital marketing, social media management, and SEO needs. With a team of experienced writers and content creators, GoEngine was formed on dedication to client success. With fine-tuned search engine optimization techniques and knowledge regarding search engine algorithms, our team is here to bring your business or law firm into the spotlight that it deserves.

Greenville SEO

Services we offer from our marketing and SEO team include:

Building trust between our team of content creators and SEO clients is invaluable to us. As a top ranked Digital Agency and Best in Search on TopSEOs, our team offers our clients tangible results they can trust. That is why we offer free website consultations to all of our potential clients, to show you the potential your website or blog can reach within your monthly budget.

We provide unrivaled customer service to all of our clients, as well as unmatched dedication to each and every one of the businesses and law firms we work with. With timely reports, monthly audits, and detailed reporting, we will keep you updated on the progress of your online presence and the improvement of your search rankings, search traffic, and business marketing. Our 95% retention rate with clients proves that our hard work and dedication to our craft pays off.

While we specialize in working with Law Firms, SEO is for everyone. Whether you're a small business, a law firm, a restaurant, or even an influencer, SEO may be the best option to get your name into the hands of potential clients and to grow your business. We offer free website consultations and free SEO and marketing audits to show you the path to outreach optimization for your future clients and customers. We know that your business is great, and so do you. Let us help you reach the stars.