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Law Firm Marketing

GoEngine is dedicated to building partners, helping lawyers, and law firms across the country grow their businesses as we grow ours. Our passionate team of digital marketers operate around one principal tenet: Build amazing websites that get RESULTS!


We are committed to providing the best digital marketing services for attorneys. Because of how selective we are about who we work with, you can be confident that your firm matters to us in a way that no other marketing firm can equal.

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We Specialize In Law Firm Marketing

We are a small firm, made up of exceptional designers and SEO experts, that love what we do and coming to work every day. Our customer service is second to none. We put our clients first in every way possible pairing complete transparency with prompt responses and solutions to any problem, no matter what may arise. We truly believe that our clients are not just a number, but a member of our team and family.

The Problem

Lack of Results

Are you sick of being just “another one of the lawyers” in your city?


Starting your own firm after working for years while someone else reaps most of the rewards?


Have you seen your firm’s growth plateau or even fall off?


Have you tried other marketing firms, investing your hard earned money, only to end up being treated like a number and never seeing growth?


If the answer to any of these questions is “YES”, ask yourself one simple question: Are you ready to become “THE Lawyer”?


GoEngine is a digital marketing firm that specializes in lawyer SEO and legal marketing. We have a proven track record of doing 1 thing: Building incredible websites for attorneys that GET RESULTS!

Outdated Marketing Approach

Here is the reality of marketing today: traditional mass marketing strategies like billboards and radio/tv ads are no longer cost-effective methods of growing your business.


In today’s ever-increasing digital world, not only do SEO leads have an exponentially higher conversion rate (14-15% vs less than 2%), but over 90% of consumers go online to research local products and services.


When cost is figured into this equation, it becomes clear that digital marketing, specifically SEO, is the best, most cost-effective method for legal professionals, generating an ROI that dwarfs all other conventional marketing strategies.

Our Solution

ROI Driven Strategy

No business invests in marketing to lose money or break even. Just as the stock market is a way to invest your money with the aim of generating a return, marketing is an investment in your business, and positive returns are expected.


Many firms like to tout superfluous numbers, things like backlinks, rankings, traffic, etc, that serve only to obscure the fact that their clients are putting more in than they are getting out.


While we happily provide all of these numbers, we know that in the end, the number that matters most is Return on Investment and that is the number we judge ourselves on.

Long-Term Sustainability

As you may have noticed by now, we view clients as partners. As your firm grows, so do we, so our team always has a long term view of how to best help your business.


Getting quick results while enticing, is very unlikely to lead to long-term growth, as something likely had to be done to get those fast results that won’t stand the test of time.


Our goal at GoEngine is to generate exponential growth for our clients over an extended period of time, not take shortcuts for a quick buck.

Why Us


With GoEngine, complete transparency is the standard. Our clients will NEVER have to ask the question other marketing firms fear most, “So, what are you doing for me?” Any good SEO firm can provide monthly reports, but we take it a step further, documenting your expectations and needs, and then laying out the deliverables that will get you there.

Proven Strategy

As veterans of the legal marketing niche, our team has learned through experience exactly what does and does not work and is committed to staying on the cutting edge of lawyer marketing innovations. We are not, and never will be, a mega marketing firm; we know what we do best and know that we can best serve our partners by doing just that. 


In our past lives, we all worked at other marketing firms that took any client that would have them. Not here, not at GoEngine. We guarantee that we will never work with multiple firms in the same market. As long as you are with us, we will never work with your competitors, period. Viewing all clients as partners, we believe that you deserve to know exactly what we are doing to further our mutual goals.

Support & Service

Customer service is the lifeblood of long-term partnerships in this industry and is extremely important to us. You wouldn’t ignore a call or take days to respond to a partner at your law firm, and you won’t ever have to worry about us doing that to you. You will always work directly with one of our veteran marketers, never a salesperson, receptionist, or any other type of gatekeeper.


Average ROI


Average New leads


Average Traffic Increased


Satisfied Clients

When I first went with GoEngine I must admit that I was very skeptical and nervous. I had just started my criminal defense and traffic firm and I did not have much capital. Like most of my friends in the field, I had been bombarded with calls from people promising to help optimize my website and get me leads but they never explained how. I took the leap of faith and went with GoEngine and never looked back. After about 3-4 months I was getting consistent leads off my website in a very competitive market (Chicago). After 6 months I was ranking very high (on the first page for google) and at 30 years old and only having my firm for a year, I’m busier than most other attorneys in my field. I had to get a secretary because I couldn’t handle the call volume. I was really worried because of the monthly costs of SEO but GoEngine was able to generate enough business for me to bring in a 4-1 return on investment. If you want to grow your firm for the future, there’s no other place to go than GoEngine.

Alex Ktenas