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Social Media has become a part of daily life and is not going away anytime soon. There are an estimated 3.8 billion users worldwide on social media platforms in 2020. The daily average time spent on social media for a common user is 1 hour and 20 min.

It’s safe to say that social media platforms provide great online channels for businesses to reach potential clients and strengthen their digital presence.

At GoEngine, we constantly monitor social media trends and adjust our tactics to reach the maximum number of users for our clients.


Facebook has been a cornerstone of the social media world for years now. Facebook is still one of the most popular social networks today. In 2020, Facebook is projected to have 1.69 billion users worldwide.

The Facebook platform is a great tool for law firms to deliver information to potential clients and interact with them. The GoEngine team has developed unique strategies to grow a follower base on Facebook by providing informative content that takes many different forms.

Content posts, infographics, videos, news announcements, and promotions have all proven effective at engaging users, building brand awareness, and creating leads for our clients.


YouTube is another great platform to utilize in the legal industry. There are an estimated 2 billion users worldwide and 79% of all internet users have their own YouTube account.

YouTube offers a unique way to inform and engage users with your law firm. Information videos are a great way to provide answers to frequently asked questions that potential clients may have about their situations.

Marketing videos are a great way to introduce your firm and services to potential clients. Videos are more personalized than words on a screen and this helps increase engagement between users and your firm.

Social Media Marketing for law firms

Each social media platform offers unique opportunities for your law firm to grow a follower base and strengthen your digital presence.

At GoEngine, we will work closely with your firm to understand your marketing goals and develop a customized strategy to utilize social media platforms to your advantage. Neglecting to use social media as a marketing tool in 2020 will result in the loss of potential business for your firm.

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LinkedIn is another platform that is essential for any business. LinkedIn is generally viewed as the professional’s social platform. It is a great way to create professional relationships among firms in your industry.

Many firms use this platform to provide and receive referrals from other firms that take cases in the same practice areas. LinkedIn groups provide a great way to expand your professional network and connect with those who work within your industry and niche.


Instagram was once viewed as the social platform used to share pictures and videos. It has evolved to be one of the most popular platforms that are utilized by businesses to gain exposure and for advertising.

In 2020, the number of Instagram users is closing in on 1 billion. Instagram allows law firms to increase brand recognition and awareness through the use of pictures, infographics, and videos. Instagram has proven to be an effective way to increase your law firm’s online presence.


Twitter has been a popular social platform for quite some time now. Although its number of users, 330 million, does not compare to the likes of Facebook and Instagram, it is still a great social media outlet for law firms to utilize.

A post on Twitter, known as a tweet, has a very low character limit compared to other social platforms but this can be useful in generating traffic to your firm’s site because often users want to learn more and will follow a link to your website.

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