Family Law & Divorce Attorney Marketing

Even if you’re running a multi-location family law firm or a single family law attorney running your family legal practice from a small downtown law office, you want to attract many potential clients and grow your business. Many studies report that the web has become the biggest channel for clients to search for and choose their lawyers. More clients feel embarrassed about discussing their reasons for divorce with their family and friends. This motivates them to search for help online.

Given the lucrative opportunity online for family law marketing, it’s essential that you find the best digital marketing agency, with a customized focus and experience in marketing divorce and family lawyers. It’s not advisable for family law firms to choose digital marketing agencies that specialize in general law firm marketing. Because conveying the right messages across to your target audience requires the right type of exposure and experience.

Prospective clients seeking a divorce lawyer need a unique approach to marketing than those seeking a criminal defense attorney. At GoEngine, we can help you reach divorce clients looking for a divorce lawyer or help with child custody or any other family law issues. Our family law marketing experts can help you develop solid legal marketing strategies that will help you attract more potential customers and boost your return on investment. To schedule a free initial consultation, contact our marketing specialists today at (864) 300-0344.

How Do You Market a Family Law Practice?

Your family law firm needs comprehensive digital marketing strategies to increase its online visibility and reach those prospective clients. Here are five ways you can promote your family law services to the potential customers who need them:

Family law firm website design. To attract more clients, your family law firm’s website should do more than just describe your legal background and summarize your legal practice areas. Your law firm’s website must instill trust, tell prospective clients what sets you apart from your competitors, and even deliver some quality content. Every law firm wants a nice and beautiful website, but the primary purpose of your online presence is to attract potential clients and boost profits.

Thus, your family law firm’s site should be designed with conversions in mind. Your website must be mobile-friendly, load faster, and be simple to navigate. Also, there should be a clear path on every page directing clients on how to contact your law firm for a free consultation.

Local SEO for family lawyers. With family law, every practice area needs a focused and customized local SEO strategy. For instance, most clients that hire a family law lawyer want an attorney in their local area. Thus, keywords, such as “divorce attorney” may be crucial, but they’re more relevant when combined with a county, city, state, or some other geographical identifier, such as “DuPage County divorce attorney” or “Cook County divorce lawyer.”

To maximize your local SEO efforts, including many of these local identifiers in your web content. Also, you must create and optimize lawyer directories and directory listings, especially your Google My Business listing profile, so that you rank in Google Maps searches.

Strategic ontent marketing. People going through different family matters are desperate for credible information. You can establish yourself as an authority in the family legal area and show off your personality through a robust content marketing campaign.

Start by creating engaging Area of Practice pages that describe your legal services. Further, schedule regular blog content that focuses on particular topics, such as customer questions, which will interest prospective clients and drive traffic with long-tail keywords.

Engaging video marketing. As a family lawyer, you can build a solid and lasting connection with your potential clients. In this practice area, your and your law firm’s personality must shine through in your digital marketing efforts. Video marketing is one of the best ways to highlight your law firm’s personality and culture.

Videos on your blog, website, and social media channels can help potential customers get a feel of who you are, how you approach family law cases, and the way you’ll treat them as clients. Also, creating a robust video library can give prospective clients an avenue to educate themselves about their situation. This will save you time because clients will walk into your law office with some basic knowledge.

Social media marketing. Your potential clients are desperate for credible information. Social media is one platform you can leverage to deliver guidance, but you must approach it the right way. The client journey is much longer for family law clients who weigh their legal options before contacting a law firm for practical advice.

Your social media accounts should give prospective clients the legal advice they need to make educated decisions and contact you when they’re ready. Even after a legal matter is resolved, clients may continue to follow you on social media to get information on things that could affect them in the future. Also, this keeps your law firm’s name on top of their mind for potential referrals.

Search Engine Optimization for Divorce Attorneys

With search engine optimization for divorce attorneys, you must address both off-site and on-site optimization. The key aspects of these legal practice areas are:

    • Page title: You must optimize your page title using your primary keyword and head keywords. If you already have a strong brand presence, consider adding your brand to your page title.
    • Meta description: Create a meta description that entices your target client to click on your website.
    • H1 title: Optimize H1 title with your primary keyword.
    • H2 and other titles: Create subtitles that describe the content your target audience wants to read.

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Calls to action and alt tags are also essential elements of on-site optimization. There are more on-site optimization parameters that you should address to succeed with your SEO efforts. This includes creating a website that’s easy to navigate and one that loads faster. Also, you must use HTTPS on your website, and internal linking.

  • Off-Site Optimization for family lawyers. Off-page SEO is also a crucial marketing strategy in family law marketing. This includes the content marketing strategy that we have discussed above.
  • Further, it also includes influencer outreach, link-building, social media marketing, and forum content creation. Essentially, off-page SEO optimization helps search engines, such as Google, understand what potential customers think about your legal practice.
  • When you have quality links from authoritative websites pointing at your site, this boosts your website’s search engine rankings. Some of the popular off-site SEO strategies include:
    • Bookmarking and social networking;
    • Forums and commenting;
    • Brand mentions;
    • Guest posts;
    • Link building;
    • Content marketing;
    • Newsletters;
    • Influencer outreach; and
    • Questions & answers

Off-site family law marketing efforts require long-term and continual efforts. Thus, make SEO an integral part of long-term marketing for attorneys.

Why GoEngine Marketing is the leading Family Law Firm Marketing Agency

At GoEngine, we’re a specialized law marketing agency. We have created family law marketing strategies for several family law firms and thus we understand the practice areas and its goals better than other marketing agencies. Besides, we have been designing  successful websites for years and have a track record of helping family law firms and sole practitioners succeed by leveraging the power of online marketing.

Some of the key benefits we provide for family law lawyer marketing include:

  • Effective and responsive marketing service;
  • One-stop marketing service provider; and
  • Offering unrivaled social media exposure.

Our experienced marketing experts help our clients build a strong online presence that builds trust and drives quality leads. If you need more information about our digital marketing and SEO services, contact us today.