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Google My Business Name Changed to Google Business Profile

Updated: February 5, 2022

Starting a business can be difficult, and without helpful tools keeping up with everything for your business can be hard, too. Thankfully, there is a growing industry full of apps and websites to help you automate your business, keep track of everything you need, and even make sure your customers know how to find you. A tool that every business owner should have in their tool belt is Google Business Profile (Google My Business).

If you need help setting up your Google Business Profile, or verifying yourself as the owner of your business, using an experienced marketing team to help you with set up is always a great idea. At GoEngine, we're here to help our clients make running their business as easy as possible so that all you have to worry about is the day-to-day operations.

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is your online hub for everything relating to your business that can be found on google. Previously known as Google My Business, this includes all identifying information that customers might need to find you, like your businesses phone number, website, email, and business hours. All of this can be controlled from your Google Business Profile account, to make sure the information stays up to date and correct.

You can control the settings and information on your Google Business Profile account via the webpage, or via the Google Business Mobile App, meaning working on your businesses public profile on the go is as easy as using your phone. This means Google Business Profile is an excellent business management product that you should be using to help your customers find information about your business through google search or google maps.

Will the Name Change Affect Your Business?

The name change to Google My Business shouldn't affect you at all, whatsoever. Everything else about the interface has stayed the same, including your login information and account information. If you lost your account information during the transition, you can choose the "Forgot my Username" or "Forgot my Password" options on the log-in page, and you will be sent an email with your log-in information.

Why You Need a Google Business Profile

In this day and age, everyone uses search engines to find the information they need. And of all the search engines available, Google remains the most popular option for most consumers. This means if someone is looking for your business, the first place they are most likely going to check is on Google. This means if your information is incorrect, or not available at all, they may choose your competition instead of you.

Google My Business Name Changed to Google Business Profile

The new update isn't just a name, Google Business Profile has also incorporated Google search and maps, to make sure that consumers can find your business in person as well as online. With the new Google Maps features, consumers can be given immediate directions from their current location to the front doors of your business.

While established, larger businesses may not feel the need to control their online presence as strictly, smaller or newer businesses should take every opportunity to make sure they are putting their information into the hands of potential clients and customers. From making sure your business shows up on Google Places and in the google business listings, to make sure your hours are posted correctly, and that potential clients can find you through a google search.

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What Features Does Google Business Profile Offer?

Making sure your customer-facing information, such as location, hours, websites, etc, are correct and accessible are the most basic features of Google Business Profile, but not the only available slew of features. You can also use the Google Business Profile website or mobile app to respond to customer reviews, questions, and messages, as well as share information about upcoming events, post pictures related to your business, and even look at the analytical side of your business through how customers find you and your business.

These features make it easier for you to understand where your marketing may be lacking or maybe too aggressive. For example, if most of your potential clients and customers find your information through Google Ads, you may need to increase the number of google ads you are using, or decrease them if you're getting more organic traffic.

If you have multiple locations, such as a restaurant chain or boutique chain, you can control all of your locations from one simple log-in online or on the business app, making it easier to make sure your customers find the right location that they're looking for.

This also makes it easier on you, since sometimes various locations have different offerings or hours so that you can change these all from the same profile instead of having to remember several different log-ins. Whether you have multiple or just single listings, Google Business Profile is the way to go.

Do You Need Help Managing Your Google Business Profile?

Knowing what's best for marketing your business is confusing, especially for first-time business owners. Google Business Profile is a great tool for all businesses, whether big or small, old or new. Controlling what comes up during a google search for your business can change the path your business is going down, help potential customers find you through Google Places, learn about your and your business through your personalized Business description, and even help you run a business blog if you want.

If you're ready to take your business to the next level through a personalized marketing strategy and SEO, GoEngine is ready to help you. During your initial consultation, we'll go over your budget and your wishes, and help you create a perfect, customized plan to get you, and your business, to where you want to be.

For those business owners who don't have the time daily to take care of all their business various accounts, we offer social media and business profile management, to make sure your clients and customers are getting the responses and information they need when you don't have the time to do it yourself.