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Google Local Service Ads for Law Firms

Updated: January 29, 2022

Google is ever evolving and in the world where this is happening there are new trends that bring great promise such as Local Service Ads for lawyers. LSAs or Local Service Ads are a lead-generation tool that is used to connect potential clients directly to law firms and lawyers through text, phone calls or the intake software that your firm uses. It is a matchmaker platform for local law firms and prospective clients.

People are getting interested and really talking about Google local service Ads for law firms. Local service ads have been tested in other industries such as the real estate niche for a longer time. However, Local Service Ads for lawyers nationwide are opening are becoming more popular by the day. LSAs for lawyers can have a great impact on law firms.

It is important to note that Local Service Ads and Google pay-per-click ads are different. When potential customer clicks on the Google local services ads for lawyers they are not going to be redirected to your firm’s website. Clicking an LSA will give the potential user or client access to your firm’s customized Google profile. From there the ideal client can be able to communicate via text, call, or they can even book an appointment.

Google Local Service Ads are a Fast Way to Find a Trusted Attorney

So potential clients can be able to have access to the best attorneys in their area the Legal LSAs determine the placement of ads based on the online reputation of a firm and their proximity. They only have to carry out a google search so they can find the legal practice they need.

Being a new advertising product that Google is rolling out to be used more in the legal field and market clients all over other nation will turn to LSAs and rely on it as a go to resource when they need to find a local attorney that is both accessible and trustworthy.

In the past couple of years consumers have already relied on LSAs in the real estate and home improvement industry and so far have found it reliable. They identify the business listing as a quick and easy way for them to find a service provider that is reputable.

There are so many changes that are happening with Google local services Ads and as a legal service you should be alert so you can grab the opportunity you need to reach out to prospective clients.

As a Firm it is Time to Act

Google is one of the largest search engines and it is one of the leading platforms that law firms use so they can be able to increase their online visibility. As a leading platform Google is always launching advertising initiatives that tend to become the standard when it comes to legal marketing in the modern day.

Most law firms and lawyers recognize this and as a result a majority of them are always ready to jump at the opportunity that the advertising initiative posses when it comes to maximizing their profits. As a law firm that is always on the lookout for new business you don’t want to miss out the promising opportunity that LSAs poses.

Google Local Service Ads for Law Firms

The first thing should be to carry out a background check to see if your firm is eligible for these types of Ads. If your law firm is eligible the next step should be to start the verification process with Google immediately in order for you to move to launching an LSA campaign so you can secure your firm’s position on the top page of Google’s search results.

In the case where you are not yet eligible for the service it is worth looking into Google's local service ads so you are ahead when Google expands the program to either your geographic location or the area that you practice in.

Are LSAs a Good fit for Your Practice?

When you have the understanding of the goals and benefit that LSAs pose to your business and you would like to set aside a budget that will help you bring this marketing strategy to life your question should not be if LSAs are right for your business but rather is your law firm right for LSAs.

This Google product is gaining traction and the localities as well as the services that eligible for the service have increased. LSAs are popular among in Immigration law and you are likely to find business profiles of immigration lawyers after your search. Even as this is the case there are law firms that should reconsider using Local Service Ads.

Here is a small list of practice areas that should reconsider using LSAs as an advertising platform for now;

  • Law firms that are practicing in niche areas such as maritime law.
  • Law firms that are very specific about the case types and client types that they take on.

Google does allow pay backs for leads. This can encourage firms to take a chance on the product. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before investing in LSAs;

  • You will be reimbursed at Google’s discretion.
  • Keep in mind that you are not going to get the cash back in your wallet. Instead. The reimbursed lead will be sent back to your advertising account as a credit.
  • Due to the hiccups that are present with COVID the credits are issued a bit much later than Google’s expectations

How to Improve the Performance of Google Ads for Lawyers

There are several ways that you can be used to boost the performance of Google Ads for lawyer. We have mentioned some examples below.

Don’t Only Focus on Phrases also Focus on The Long-tail Keywords

There are plenty of ways that you can use keywords. Your target should be to use long-term terms as well as body keywords. This involves using more than just one word in your questions.

Be Competitive While Using Negative Keywords

The words that you don’t want to use in your ad are known as negative keywords. At most the ad should have less than 10 negative keywords for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the negative keywords that can be used in content;

  • Words that say free-of-charge, low cost plus other similar words will contribute to low-quality sales.
  • That is the cities that are outside the target area.
  • Counties or States. Mentioning counties or states that are outside of the target area.
  • That is job openings, professions, terms of work, or internship.
Google Local Service Ads for Lawyers

Use Area and Zip Codes

When you are carrying our marketing and advertising it is very important for you to be particular specifically when it comes to your location. Also, target postal codes and not a whole city. When targeting parts of your city you should bear in mind that parts of your city are going to be more worthy and a priority more than others. You can categorize them based on population and based on the areas that your law firm operates. You should group the areas via postal codes and zones instead of approaching them at a local level.

Benefits of LSAs for Law Firms

Google local service Ads have not always been around for lawyers and law firms. However, the benefits of LSAs even before lawyers had access to them were visible. After law firms have been able to have access to Google LSAs they have been able to notice a lot of benefits. Many professional service firms around the country had already noticed the benefits of this method of advertising.

LSAs continue to expand in more areas of business as well as different markets and this happens people are becoming reliant on using this platform as a research tool. Most users will warm to the idea of this product being a reliable platform. This resource is slowly becoming a go-to platform for local businesses.

Google is known as the world’s largest search engine platform. For this reason Google has been known to provide the modern-day marketing golden standard. Most legal firms are already grabbing the opportunity of increasing their online visibility by using LSAs.

The local service Ads have given room for firms that are smaller in size to be able to compete with other businesses on a leveled playing field with other bigger firms. Google knows that firms that are much smaller in size are able to provide the best customer experience and that it is important for them to be rewarded with online visibility.

One of the great things about local service Ads is that they operate on a pay per lead basis. What this means is that you only pay when you get actual call from potential clients that are within thirty seconds. With local service ads you can be able to make the most out of your budgets. You monthly budget can reduce greatly just by using local service ads.

Of course no product is without flaws. But if the benefits override the cons it is something worth looking into. If you are considering using Google local service Ads for your law firm you can get in touch with our digital marketing agency. At GoEngine our SEO professionals are ready to answer your questions, come up with a killer digital marketing strategy just for you, and help you through the process. Give us a call!