Law Firm Paid Advertising

Why Your Law Firm Needs Paid Advertising?

If you want your business to grow, you already know that content marketing and search engine optimization play a significant role in ensuring that you are visible to your potential clients. However, your business may still need a little boost, and that will require you to make an investment.


Paid advertising is a great way to bring attention to your business. It will help you in bringing traffic to your website and getting new leads for your law firm.

What are Paid Advertisements?

Paid advertising is a great way to bring attention to your law firm or business. It provides the best way to increase your visibility to potential clients that are not aware that your business exists. Driving traffic to your website through paid advertising will increase both the quantity and quality of traffic to your website.


Digital paid advertisements have become the best advertising method today, leaving traditional methods like magazines, television, and even billboards in the past. Using online advertising has proven to be one of the most cost efficient marketing investments for most businesses. With access to campaign data and analytics, digital advertising can be closely monitored and adjusted to optimize your ROI.


GoEngine will expand your reach and potential customer base through customized targeting strategies developed through extensive market research. We have the knowledge and experience to create, optimize, and manage your digital ad campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click, or PPC, advertising is a common form of digital marketing that charges a fee every time your ad is clicked. PPC ads appear above search engine results increasing visibility for potential customers. This is a way to directly invest your marketing spend into website visits providing an opportunity for growth. Your law firm or small business needs to take advantage of this tool to maximize the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts.


PPC provides a great way to place you ahead of your competition in online search results for the right keywords related to your business. Monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting PPC campaigns will ensure that your ads are served to the right audience and produce conversions. PPC advertising for most industries, especially the legal industry, has a high ROI. PPC for local searches gives small businesses the opportunity to be found by potential customers in their area.


GoEngine will design and manage PPC campaigns for you that will help your business grow. We will work with you to determine the best strategy based on your goals and budget. Monitoring and analyzing campaign data, we provide you with an efficient way of finding new business for you.

Why Invest in Paid Advertising?

Digital paid advertising has taken over the marketing industry. Everyone will tell you to invest in online ads and to not waste your money on traditional advertising. They are right. The key is to invest in a marketing company that will work for your success.


GoEngine can provide you with the best ad campaign to meet your marketing objectives.


We have tried and tested strategies that work and the strategies that do not work. For starters, we know that the wrong keywords can cause your Advertisement to have a low performance.

If you are looking for digital marketing strategists that know what to do, talk to us! We are always ready to help you!

We believe in results, not false promises

Social Media Advertising

Social media has become more popular than anyone thought possible. Studies estimate that half of the world’s population will soon be using some form of social media. It has quickly become one of the best digital marketing channels available. The number of different platforms available for users and businesses to connect and interact provides valuable opportunities for law firms and small businesses.


Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow users to purchase and run advertisements. These have proven to be a great investment for many businesses, especially law firms. The legal industry does not produce a large following on social media compared to some others. Social media ads provide a great way for law firms to reach out to potential clients. Facebook Ads offer some of the best tools to customize your target audience so the right people find your business and turn into customers.


GoEngine has developed carefully crafted tactics to help law firms and small businesses build and manage successful social media advertising campaigns. Our team can provide you the results you want from your marketing investment with social media advertising.

Retargeting Advertising

Most website visitors leave a website without engaging in any business transaction. They leave without contacting the business or purchasing any products or services. Retargeting strategies are used to target people that have visited your website keeping your brand visible to potential customers. By targeting visitors that know your business, the chances of converting that person into a client increase.


There are different platforms or channels available for remarketing campaigns. Facebook and Google Adwords both offer custom audience targeting to allow you to put your ads in front of the right people. This method of digital advertising has proven to be a good investment for any business looking to grow.


GoEngine uses experience alongside current industry research to develop a custom retargeting strategy for your law firm or small business. Targeting specific audiences and placing yourself in front of hesitant visitors is a proven method of converting potential customers into new customers.