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Retargeting for Lawyers

Updated: September 6, 2022

Have you noticed after you visit a website, you often see banner ads for the brand on other sites that you visit, including social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram? This is a widely used online technique called retargeting, to remind you to return to the earlier website that you visited.

Retargeting ads have been proved to be one of the most effective and inexpensive advertising strategies that every lawyer should implement.

Retargeting combines two of the most essential aspects of digital marketing: automation and customization.

Retargeting advertising for lawyers

Once you've created the retargeting campaign, it works automatically. It personalizes the follow-up based on a specific web page that an in-house counsel visited or a particular path the web visitor took through your law firm's website.

If you want to position your firm in front of active users across various devices and ultimately try to reach them at the right time — retargeting online advertising is definitely the way to go.

How Do Remarketing Ads Work?

Remarketing Ads for law firms work by using cookies which are small files stored on potential customers' computers. This capture and contain small amounts of data related to specific clients and the sites they visit. This data is accessed by the prospective client’s computer or the web server. 

Remarketing defines specific criteria that web visitors must meet. Such criteria may involve visiting certain links or web pages on the site. Once this happens, a cookie is placed on the web visitor’s browser. That same cookie ID must also be on your retargeting list.

Remarketing takes the form of ads that enables websites to display advertisements targeted toward those who have previously visited their websites.

Once web visitors leave your law firm's site, they continue seeing banner or text ads by way of Google’s display network. When creating your remarketing ads, it's possible to personalize the frequency and duration of those displays to prevent web visitors from becoming weary of seeing them.

Attorney retargeting ads examples

Is Retargeting Advertising an Effective Strategy?

Retargeting is an extremely effective online marketing strategy. According to recent studies, 97% of prospective clients look at three to five law firm sites before contacting one. Many prospective law firm clients spend weeks or months researching their legal issues and deciding what to do.

However, the truth is very few web visitors become clients on their first visit. As they research legal concepts, or just read the news, your retargeting ads stay with them, building awareness and trust.

When they come back, they're showing interest, they're consuming your content, and they're interested in your legal solutions. This is why you should bring them back to your website if you fail to convert them on their first visit.

As a personal injury lawyer, you have to invest in every marketing channel available in order to grow. Retargeting advertising has allowed us to capitalize on every opportunity presented through our online efforts. — Aaron Marks, The Marks Law Group

A Google search will reveal many law firm digital marketing agencies that will set up a retargeting advertising campaign. At GoEngine, our law firm paid advertising specialists can help you set a successful retargeting campaign that helps you improve brand awareness and trust. 

Retargeting is inexpensive. The cost of a click based on legal terms on Google AdWords can cost more than $100 per click, but a click on a remarketing advertisement costs as little as $2 to $5 per click on the banner ad.

The setup fee for a retargeting campaign is in the $750 range, with a monthly cost of $800 per month. A recent study by Marin software shows that most marketers spend less than 10% of their advertising budget on retargeting.

Why Should Law Firms Be Investing in Retargeting?

Retargeting offers many opportunities to businesses of all kinds. But it holds special importance for lawyers. That's because getting web visitors to your firm's site is expensive.

Also, the cost of advertising in the legal practice is high. Law and attorney-related keywords place 4th on the list of the most expensive keywords in Google Ads.

Top most expensive keywords by industry

The average cost per click for those search terms is $47. However, many specific search terms cost many times more than that per click cost.

Even if you convert this web traffic at above the average conversion rates, you still spend a ton of money with zero return. 

There is a reason for that too, and it relates to the buying behavior when looking for a law firm. 

Most customers conduct extensive research before settling on a specific law firm. They scout Google for recommendations, read online reviews, visit law firm websites, and spend considerable time pondering the decision.

And only then, after they're satisfied with the information from all sources, do they inquire with a law firm. This means that they can be visiting your competitors’ sites alongside yours. 

Retargeting enables you to stay on top of their mind and remind them about your law firm as they go through the research process. 

Your retargeting ads keep your brand in front of your target audience and entice them to come back and research you more. And that, of course, could induce them to inquire about your legal services.

Best Retargeting Platforms

You can use Google Display Network or Facebook Custom Audience to show your ads. These are two of the most popular platforms that enable you to retarget users who have visited your website.

Google Display Network allows you to display ads on other sites such as YouTube, Blogger, and even social media networks like Twitter and Pinterest. This gives you access to a huge pool of potential clients.

List of retargeting platforms for law firms

There are also other platforms you can use to show retargeting ads, not as popular but it is worth mentioning.

  • Adroll
  • Meta
  • Linkedin
  • Sharp Spring Ads (Perfect Audience)
  • Criteo

Five tips for effective remarketing ads for lawyers

As you can see, there are various reasons to execute a focused retargeting campaign within your larger law firm marketing plan. To get started, follow these 5 proven strategies.

Collect remarketing data

The first step in retargeting is to make sure that your website is set up properly to gather remarketing data. Every web page on your website should have the following tags:

  • A Facebook pixel
  • A Google Analytics tag.
  • A global site tag. Adding these tags will enable you to monitor valuable audience data that you can use in your retargeting campaigns.

Create value-add and relevant advertisements

Once a web visitor interacts with your ads or your site but didn’t choose to contact your law firm right away, you can’t offer them the same thing over and over and expect to become a lead. Instead, you need to offer more value.

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For instance, instead of offering a free consultation in your retargeting advertisements, think about using a great blog post from your site to entice returning web visitors to click on your ads and read more. This is a great way to create trust and stay top of mind.

Implement frequency capping

It’s vital to cap the number of times potential clients on your remarketing lists can see your ads. If they see the same advertisement too many times, they’ll tune it out and most probably you won't convert them to paying clients.

To eliminate this problem, make a series of different advertisements and cap the number of times one sees each ad at 3-4. Variety and added value could mean the difference between offering help and pestering.

Always tie your data to results

You’re already gathering data on the web visitors who view your ads and spend time on your site, so why wouldn’t you tie that data to your results?

It’s crucial to track the value you’re getting from retargeting so that you continue to invest in this digital marketing strategy. Tying data to results will also enable you to adjust your approach as needed.

Use lookalike audiences for new leads

A lookalike audience is a key to generating new leads from your retargeting campaign. In fact, setting up lookalike audiences is the most critical thing you can do with repurposed data gathered from display ads and SEO.

They enable you to get in front of bottom-of-funnel leads on social networks and Google who are ready to buy by displaying your ads to people who are almost identical to potential clients who are already clicking on your advertisements.

professional PPC services for lawyers

Implement Remarketing Ads to Grow Your Firm

Retargeting campaigns can help you make the most of your digital marketing budget, especially if you continue to invest in them over time. We believe in the power of this marketing technique and have developed very efficient systems for creating successful marketing campaigns.

To learn more and to get help with your law firm’s remarketing strategy, contact us today for a free consultation.