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3 Best E-Mail Services for Lawyers

Updated: January 17, 2022

Nowadays, it’s difficult to run any business without leveraging email campaigns. Prospective clients expect quick and fluid communication, and fast responses to questions and problems when they arise; Email marketing allows busy lawyers to offer excellent communication and service to their prospective clients from wherever they're.

Thus, your law firm needs a specific lawyer email marketing strategy with a result-oriented approach. This will help you maintain a grip in the hyper-competitive legal industry. With proper execution, you can reap the maximum benefits and captivate your target audience. Connecting with existing clients on email is one of the best and cheapest ways to build solid relationships.

Attorneys across the globe are facing challenges on how to expand their client base. These challenges are prevailing despite leveraging email marketing campaigns. The percentage of email open rate, click-through rate and click to open rate is below average. Thus, it's extremely important to find a reliable and cheap email marketing template and software. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best e-mail services for lawyers.

What Kind of Email Service Do Lawyers Use?

If you execute email marketing properly, it can boost your law firm's engagement and strengthen your relationship with prospective clients. However, how do you choose the right email marketing software for lawyers?

Here are three of the most popular email marketing services for law firms.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse offers complete email marketing solutions that help lawyers reach out to new clients. This means it plays a crucial role in successfully executing comprehensive email marketing campaigns and improving subscriber engagement. GetResponse offers free images and pre-designed email templates, which minimizes graphics-related costs.

With the help of advanced workflows, marketing automation will enable you to track prospective client behavior in real-time. Further, it comes with affordable pricing solutions for beginners, growing, and medium-sized law firms. GetResponse also offers a variety of advanced features, such as email automation, webinar integration, and segmentation.


  • Autoresponders. This feature is essential in nurturing clients with follow-up emails and automated activity. This boosts customer engagement between the law firms and the clients.
  • Automated emails. When potential clients visit your site or scroll through a particular blog post, this feature automatically sends a relevant email pre-decided by you. This feature is crucial in securing new leads and expanding your market reach.
  • Well-timed emails. Timing plays a crucial role in email marketing for lawyers. This feature comes with time travel delivery tools and perfect timing, which ensures automatic delivery of your law firm's emails at the right time.
  • Webinar integration. GetResponse integrates seamlessly with the webinar platform, allowing you to host announcements, a demo, and even training sessions. This feature also includes other impressive options such as chat moderation, presentation sharing, and desktop sharing.
  • Comprehensive reporting. GetResponse also comes with extensive reporting capabilities, which allows users the power to analyze their email marketing campaigns. From the dashboard, you can access simple reports, pie charts, and raw numbers. Also, you can view details of email open rates, unsubscribes, email bounce rates, and complaints in the analytics section.
3 Best E-Mail Services for Lawyers


  • Basic plan: This plan starts at $15/month and goes up to $450/month depending on the size of the email list. The basic plan comes with basic features that allow lawyers to engage their contact base and send emails.
  • Plus plan: This is the most popular plan of this email marketing platform. The price ranges from $49/month to $499/month. This plan features some advanced features that allow users to generate leads, increase revenue, and promote products.
  • Professional plan: The price for this plan ranges from $99/month to $580/month, depending on the size of your email list. With this plan, lawyers can optimize their results with the integration and automation features in this plan.
  • Max plan:This plan is for businesses with email lists of over 100000 subscribers. This plan features custom pricing, which you have to request on the website. You can expect a personalized solution for all your email marketing needs to improve your profits.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign features integrated customer relationship management and a marketing suite. This email marketing service can help law firms and lawyers to create professional emails, build their contact lists, manage email marketing campaigns, track client behavior, and measure the impact of their marketing campaigns.

Besides social integration, ActiveCampaign also features a drag-and-drop email design feature. With this software, you can integrate with several third-party CRM solutions. Further, it comes with free customer service, including live chat and phone support.


  • Email segmentation. This feature comes in handy in sending your contact lists the type of personalized engagement they want to see. With email segmentation, you can offer a customized marketing solution to your existing clients and potential clients.
  • Subscription forms. Subscription forms are a crucial aspect of any law firm email marketing campaign. They help in collecting information from leads and also tagging clients based on their interests. This allows you to start a welcome series and send follow-up email newsletters easily to your clients.
  • Dynamic content. With this feature, you can change images and texts from an email. This feature helps lawyers send a particular message to a specific group of clients and similarly builds a series of contact lists. This is essential in improving customer engagement and the market reach of your law practice.
  • Split testing. Guesswork doesn't help in creating successful email marketing campaigns. All it takes to create an effective campaign is a simple split test. This will get you the desired click rates and open rates for your emails. You can test subject lines, email copy, images, information, and call-to-action using this feature.


  • Lite plan. The price of this plan ranges from $9/month for 500 contacts and goes up to $405/month for 100000 contacts.
  • Plus plan. For 500 subscribers, the pricing of this plan is $49/month and goes up to $319/month for 25000 contacts.
  • Professional plan. This is the most popular plan of this email marketing software. The price of this plan starts at $129/month for 500 contacts and goes up to $479/month for 25000 contacts.
  • Enterprise plan. You can buy this plan for $229/month for 500 contacts, and the price goes up to $399/month for 10000 contacts.

3. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is a reliable and affordable software for sending bulk emails. It features a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) routing and an advanced in-built delivery engine. The platform provides a unique automation feature, which is a hub of advanced technology and revenue generation. Considering the features that Pabbly Email Marketing offers, it is one of the most affordable email marketing services out there.

The platform improves your market reach to your target audience. This is because it comes with a secured server that sends out emails. Hence, your emails won't end up in the spam box of your potential clients. This improves the email open rates and clicks rate of your email marketing campaigns.

Best E-Mail Services for Lawyers


  • Marketing automation. This feature allows lawyers and law firms to set a schedule for email delivery. Thus, Pabbly Email Marketing automatically engages and delivers emails to your clients according to their subscription details.
  • Autoresponders. As soon as a potential client subscribes to your email list or newsletter, this feature automatically sends them an email. For example, 'New subscribers' will automatically receive a welcome email once they join your list.
  • In-built SMTP. Compared to other email marketing services, Pabbly Email Marketing offers a 98% deliverability rate. Again, that's because it comes with an in-built delivery engine.
  • Drag-and-Drop email builder. With this feature, it's quick and easy to create professional and attractive emails. This is a default feature with an easy-to-use interface.
  • 2X open rate. Using this feature, you can send follow-up emails to your potential clients if the first email stays unopened. This is an automated practice, which doubles your open rate.
  • MX Cleaner. It's vital to remove invalid email addresses before sending new campaigns. This feature automatically purges your list. Further, this platform allows you to manage subscribers from one place, thanks to its list management option.
  • Email tracking. Tracking the sent emails and opened emails enables you to figure out the success of your marketing campaign. This feature helps law firms and lawyers to figure out the same so that they can analyze the overall success and output of their campaign.
  • External SMTP. This is one of the best features available on Pabbly Email Marketing Software. It enables lawyers and law firms to connect with external SMTP of their preference, such as Mailgun, SendGrid, and Amazon SES.


It's good to choose a plan based on your unique requirements.

  • Forever free. This plan allows lawyers to set up their accounts at $0/month and send 12000 email newsletters for up to 1100 subscribers.
  • Rookie plan. To buy this plan, you have to pay $24/month. With this plan, you can send unlimited emails to 5000 contacts.
  • Pro plan. This is the most popular plan for this software. To buy this plan, you have to pay $41/month and you can send unlimited emails to 15000 subscribers.
  • Advance plan. Law firms with 50000 subscribers can buy this plan at $83/month and law firms with 1,000,000 subscribers can buy this plan at $1333/month.
  • Enterprise plan. This is the plan for law firms with over 1 million subscribers. To get an exclusive quote for this plan, you have to send your request.

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