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22 Inspirational Websites for Criminal Law Firms

Updated: May 22, 2022

A good website is such an important need for law firms that even well-established attorneys have no room to skimp on their online presence, let alone the emerging lawyers. Your website is your portfolio, testimonial, and representative of your expertise. But what should your website be like to attract a larger audience and get a higher engagement rate? The answer lies in this post.

Here are six must-have features on your law firm's website, followed by 22 examples that you can learn from. Examining the websites will help you understand important details that can set your website apart from others.

Six Must-Have Features for Criminal Law Websites

A good website of a law firm should be credible and efficient enough to offer users easy navigation, fast speed, optimization, professionalism, and valuable content. Otherwise, your competitor's site is one click away from your potential clients.

Professional-Looking Design

Your website should be professional, inviting, promising, and informative. Since this niche is all about lawyers and criminal cases, focus on uploading the impressive portfolio of your lawyers, testimonials of other clients, and valuable content that can teach your existing and potential clients about the field's hows and whats.

Consistent Branding

The header of your law firm's website is the element that decides if the user is impressed with you or not. Make sure to add your contact details, mission statement, vision, experience, and claims in the header precisely and effectively. Half of the work is done if you make the most of your header.


Great content, an impressive portfolio, and a perfect theme are of no use if the navigation of your law firm's website is poor. It should be the easiest for the users to navigate your website and check out all pages and categories. Make sure your site is hospitable, welcoming, and intuitive.


According to studies, more than half of people access websites on search engines on their mobile phones. So, make sure that your site keeps it convenient for visitors to view the pages on mobile. Implement responsive design, fast-loading page speed, and visuals well-adjusted on the page.

Clear Call to Action

A call to action is commonly known as CTA. If you do not put a clear call to action on a clickable button, visitors will not spend minutes looking for a way to contact you. Get a Free Consultation, Book a Call, or Contact Us are good ways to make users get in touch with you.

Quality Content

Make a separate section for content specific to the criminal law websites, where you publish informative articles and guides. It will win the trust of your potential clients as they will know exactly how the whole law processes go.

Why Do These Matter?

Before buying a new car, you have some things on your mind, intentionally or unintentionally. The things can be that the vehicle should be powerful, aesthetic with a robust engine, and good durability. Just like that, when users visit a law firm's website, they are trying to check if your firm is worth relying on or not by checking your online presence.

Why Do Criminal Law Firms Need a Professional Website?

Today's digital world is more manageable, convenient, and accessible for people than in the real world. People prefer typing a few keywords on search engines to going out in person. How you rank in the areas you want to get hired by people for criminal law cases depends on you.

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Top Criminal Law Websites

Let's dive deep into the details of each criminal website:

1- Ktenas Law

Ktenas Law Website

Every feature and piece of information given on the Ktenas Law's website serves a purpose. All the content is finely decluttered so users can consume the content easily. There are no piles of visuals or graphics, just two images on the landing page for the aesthetic, one on the header and the other besides the Bio/About.

Location: Chicago

2- Dohman Law

Dohman Law website

The F pattern is when users start reading from the top, then move to the left of the page, and then across it again. So, at the top of all criminal law websites' pages is everything. Dohman Law is a perfect example because its top shows everything their potential customers need to know, from location to expertise and contact details.

Location: Illinois

3- TF Law

TF Law Website

TF Law has spread the visual element out across the page, with a bold heading starting the content on the landing page. There is a clear call to action in a dark color to let users distinguish it from the other content. The testimonials add meaning to the home page, and the services section guides users efficiently.

Location: Greenville

4- Kann California Law Group

Kann California Law Group website

Criminal law websites communicate the brand's message with a design emphasizing branding and vision. The images, logo, elements and color palette are also as per their message, and their brand style is impressive. The one-liner in the header is hooking and promising. The two buttons on the header: Case Results and Client Reviews, help prospective clients know what to expect should they choose this firm.

Location: California

5- Kraut Law Group

Kraut Law Group website

Kraut Law's website is a perfect example of precisely putting all the essential information on one screen. The header of the home page has an aesthetic picture, besides a concise portfolio of the lawyer. There is a form to submit, so users can instantly get in touch with the firm without reading a lot of content.

Location: Los Angeles

6- DUI Lawyers 24/7

DUI Lawyers 24/7 website

The top bar on the home page is incredible on this website. They have put a unique navigation menu including only About Services, Blog, and Contact. These are all the things potential clients want to know. The right of the bar has a call button with a Free Consultation label, while the left says available 24/7.

Location: Illinois

7- Shouse Law

Shouse Criminal Law Website

Classic, very simple, easy to understand, and minimalist yet chic. These are the terms that define the perfect criminal law website design. The combination of white and blue makes it easier for users to read the content. The top of the landing page narrates practical areas and states this firm serves it.

Location: California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona

8- Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co. LPA

Oh Attorneys Law Website

This website is different from others because of its unique strategy. They have made their landing page longer than usual. But the long length does not snatch away the meaning of each feature, piece of information, and visual on the page. The header is followed by a mission statement that wins the game. 

Location: Ohio State

9- Joslyn Law

Joslyn Law website

Nationally Recognized. Locally Respected. This line is the first thing users come across after opening this website. The Award-Winning label below the header, the Free Consultation button, contact details at the top of the page, the minimalist menu bar, and the video on the header are all impressive, hooking, and trust-winning elements.

Locations: Cincinnati

10- Steven S. Nolder Attorney at Law

Steven Nolder Attorney Website

There are two critical things on this website to take inspiration from. One is the domain name. Ohiocrimelaw attracts potential clients looking for criminal law firms in Ohio. They have added their service location and specialty in the domain. The second is the testimonials placed right below the header. So, users can quickly develop their trust.

Location: Ohio

11- Koffel Law

Koffel Criminal Law Website

The color palette of this website is beyond impressive. The smart combination of black, white, and brown make the website attractive. Thanks to creativity, it is impossible for a user to get bored or overwhelmed. You have to learn from the color application on this website for your law firm's website.

Location: Ohio

12- JD Spicer

JD Spicer website

They have made the most of the main bar, dedicating half of it to the call to action and the other half to the menu. Often, clients are in a hurry to book a lawyer in criminal cases, so JD Spicer has given an Emergency Number separately. This is the best feature on this site.

Location: The UK

13- Criminal Defense Solicitors

Criminal Defense Solicitors website

This firm has focused on simplicity and meaningfulness. There is no single element on this website that is unnecessary or useless. The landing page is short, containing only contact information, mission statement, and claims. They have listed services as clickable buttons beside the content on the page.

Location: London

14- ZMS Solicitors

ZMS solicitors website screenshot

Suppose you want to learn the best way to use a bold color font against a white background, learn from ZMS Solicitors' website. There are three bars at the top of the main page, one for About and FAQs, the second for contact details, and the third for content. It is an intelligent way to sum everything up. Moreover, they have three different colors and fonts for the three bars.

Location: The UK

15- Sivananthan

Malaysia Criminal Lawyer website screenshot

Criminal law websites like this are simple, decent, elegant, and purpose-oriented. The Our People section is an excellent way to win the trust of potential clients. The colors used are light and eye-pleasing.

Locations: Malaysia

16- Svetlana Nordia Co.

Svetlana Nordia website screenshot

The Our Vision and Our Services sections on the home page of this website are so promising and worth trusting that users are instantly going to hit the WhatsApp button given throughout the whole website.

Location: Malaysia

17- Leo Adler Law

Leo Adler Law website screenshot

Website speed, user-friendliness, and easy navigation play an essential role in making an impressive impression on visitors so they can confidently hire you. Leo Adlar Law decided to offer visitors with great user experience. The precise paragraph on the header includes everything potential clients want to know before hiring.

 Location: Toronto

18- Bytensky Shiman

Bytensky Shiman website screenshot

The crimelawcanada domain name is quite impressive. Moreover, the smart use of fonts below the header communicates four things: a precise About, experience, call to action, and certifications/badges. It sets the right tone for the visitors to browse through the rest of the website.

 Location: Canada

19- Hicks Adams

Hicks Adams website screenshot

Hicks Adams' website ideally reflects the vision and philosophy of the law firm. The website is well-categorized, giving each section enough space, content, and value. They have made a separate label for the Lawyers section on the main bar sets this site apart from others.

Location: Toronto

20- Caramanna Friedberg

Caramanna Friedberg website screenshot

Caramanna's website is full of noble design decisions. The black and white picture, white base, and smart use of bold colors throughout the site make it worth choosing over other firms. The inclusion of the award in the header is trust-winning. The Criminal Lawyers section on the home page is cleverly created.

Location: Ontario

21- ILA

ILA Law Criminal Website screenshot

If we had to declare one website the most minimalist but complete, it would be International Lawyers Associate. There are not tons of pictures or visuals. Different fonts have been used in various categories, and the Contact Us CTA in dark color against a blue background is inspirational enough.

Location: Italy

22- Boccadutri

Boccadutri Criminal Law Website screenshot

Boccadutri's website gives you a cool-colored design that conveys professionalism and sincerity to the clients. The dark blue application, the ancient building in the header, and the precise overview of the whole law firm on the landing page are amazingly done. It does not get boring as users keep browsing through the site.

Location: Italy


Once you have a strong online presence, the opportunities you will attract as an attorney at law are endless. Ensure that your website has all the elements we mentioned in the must-have features section.

Moreover, taking inspiration from successful sites is a shortcut to learning about how to create the kind of online presence that sells. If you are a beginner in the field who just passed the Bar, our guide can give you an edge over those who had to work harder in the emerging years. It's because our guide is tried and tested.

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