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5 Best Legal Software Programs for Firms

Updated: May 22, 2022
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What was once a comparatively short list of the legal practice management system is now a crowded space full of many apps and vendors, all vying for your law firm’s attention. In 2022, you have a ton of options than ever for finding the best legal software solution to help you manage your law practice.

It's overwhelming for many attorneys that are just starting their search for the right legal case management software. Fortunately, the experts at GoEngine have got you covered.

We work closely with dozens of law firms across the globe, and in doing so, we've had hundreds of conversations about law practice management software options. What do law firms like? What don't legal firms like?

From desktop-based to a cloud-based solution, from case management to billing and accounting applications: This list outlines the best law practice management software solution for law firms in 2022.

What is a Law Practice Management System?

Legal software solutions for law firms allow attorneys to manage contracts, clients, cases, and accounting operations, such as invoicing billable time and recording. This means that they offer a combination of document management, CRM, accounting programs, scheduling/time tracking, and project management features specifically for attorneys.

These tools automate basic procedures, such as:

  • Preventing duplicate data entry,
  • Checking statutes of limitation and checking for conflicts of interest, and
  • Promoting secure sharing of information within the firm.

This software also allows users to draft documents, create to-do lists, and track emails, calls, and other forms of communication. A calendar is a major feature that's crucial to set up reminders for calls and deadlines and planning case timelines. Most legal software, for instance, integrates with users' personal electronic calendars to provide alerts and daily schedules on mobile devices.

Lawyers should make sure that the legal practice system they choose is sufficient for creating invoices, tracking billable time, and other accounting operations required by the law firm. Some legal practice management software integrates with accounting programs, while others don't require users to use separate accounting systems.

Law practice management software simplifies your daily operations and manages all operations of your law firm, such as client and case documents, records, appointments, deadlines, schedules, and accounting. If your legal team is trying to manage these operations manually or with several different software, having an all-in-one legal system can change the way your law firm operates.

Best Legal Software Programs

What are the Core Features of Law Practice Management Software Solutions?

Legal practice management systems allow attorneys to store all of their law firm’s information in one safe place. This creates a working environment with better access to information and enhances coordination across a wide range of tasks. Every member of your legal team always has access to the most up-to-date contact details and cases at all times.

With the right software, you can complete administrative tasks more efficiently with less chance of error—making sure that you miss nothing. Legal practice management systems can help you achieve this across all administrative operations within a law firm.

  1. Case management: A good case management system can help you access the information you need and stay organized.
  2. Legal document management software: Make sure you can store, edit, and organize your documents securely.
  3. Billing: This ensures you can bill in a way that's efficient for them and effective for you. Good legal billing software helps you receive payments faster and automates time-consuming operations.
  4. Contact management: A good contact management system allows you to manage all your contacts and clients and makes sure you never miss a client interaction.
  5. Calendaring: An effective calendaring system helps you stay up to speed with deadlines and keeps you connected on the go to your clients, cases, and work.
  6. Task management: Helps you organize your to-do lists, manage your team's productivity and workload, and sees task progress.
  7. Online payments: Accepting online credit card payments makes it easier for clients to pay you, which ultimately makes it easier for you to receive payments faster.
  8. Expense and time tracking: A good expense and time tracking system allows you to spend less time tracking billable time and more time billing for them.
  9. Legal insights: You need to know your law firm's realization, utilization, and collection rates so you can make educated business decisions. Getting an in-depth view of your law firm’s performance can help you identify opportunities to boost efficiency, productivity, and revenue.

First, it’s crucial to note that there's no such thing as the best law firm software. The best software is the one that works for your law firm, and that could differ from what works perfectly for another legal firm.

When you’re looking for a legal program, it’s essential to think about what areas your legal practice needs the most help with. For instance, if your legal firm struggles with case management, look for software with excellent case management capabilities. If billing is your weak area, software with exceptional billing features will yield the biggest impact.

To help you find the best legal software for your law firm, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the top options on the market:


Clio logo

This is a cloud-based legal practice management solution ideal for small to midsize law firms. This cloud-based legal software enables law firms and other businesses in the legal field to manage client cases and critical documents, track important deadlines, send invoices, and accept payments.

The Clio dashboard displays goals, billable hour targets, and tracks performance based on those goals. Clio Payments allow attorneys to receive payments via an operating account or directly into a client’s trust. Its billing feature allows lawyers to manage fee structures, create custom bill plans, bill via email, carry out automatic or manual time entry, and let clients access information via a secure client portal or email.

The Clio mobile app for iPad, Android, and iPhone allows your staff to carry out document management, client interactions, track billable hours, and case management from anywhere. The Clio mobile app also provides messaging tools and push notifications to help users stay connected. Clio pricing depends on whether a law firm purchases the Clio Grow app, the Clio Manage app, or the entire Clio Suite.


App4Legal logo

This law practice management solution is designed for attorneys, assistants, paralegals, and managers. The product caters to both in-house legal departments and law firms. It provides contact management, corporate law, document management tool, litigation cases, time tracking, money management, and task management capabilities. With App4Legal, lawyers can manage their law firm's legal and contact data.

Its customer portal allows attorneys to delegate tasks within their team, communicate with clients, schedule events and share their calendars, and manage their dashboards and reports.

The cloud-based legal management solution also allows users to manage invoices, record expenses, and track the time spent on each case. The product is available both in on-premise and cloud-based deployment options and provides integration with Outlook.


MyCase logo

This software for law firms is ideal for collaboration with clients. It allows users to access online documents remotely. Also, it allows for secure online communication with clients through a secure online portal.

These features allow for increased communication with clients about the progress of their cases. It saves time by avoiding unnecessary client meetings and phone calls. It allows lawyers and staff to access documents remotely without being tied down by a local server at an office. Its automatic document management systems lack some features and have limited support for Apple software.

The application programming interface (API) for MyCase is limited to minimal software integrations. Also, importing contact information from other applications is limited, and currently backing up online documents is restricted to a new Dropbox integration.

MyCase has good invoice, timekeeping, billing, and credit card processing capabilities that enhance collecting account receivables. These key features justify the cost of the program.


InfoFlo logo

This is an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform that you can access online or install on-premise. The legal software offers computer telephony integration, marketing, and sales automation, contact management, and customer support.

Lawyers also have access to InfoFlo’s core features, such as appointments and meetings, email marketing, Skype and Outlook integration, project management, and task management, all of which you can do amongst teams in real-time.

Infoflo also helps attorneys build a personalized CRM for their business needs and size. The platform can be used by small to midsize firms in various industries, including legal, software, accounting, construction, healthcare, and real estate. Also, it provides email marketing, project management, and invoicing modules as add-ons.


Trello logo

This is a visual collaboration tool for planning projects and tasks. The web-based solution offers tools to define tasks and projects, their requirements, and the workflow to make sure projects are completed sequentially. Trello provides a digital board to organize, create, and prioritize tasks.

Lawyers can even assign tasks to teams, define workflows, set deadlines, and track progress. Trello cards allow attorneys and teams to collaborate with each other. You can add members, comments, and attach documents to the projects assigned to different teams.

Trello provides a professional package that includes the administrative and privacy settings required by large enterprises. Trello integrates with several online apps, including Bitbucket Cloud, Google Drive, JIRA Cloud, Slack, and GitHub.

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